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Wesco Glass is the Greater Vancouver area's premiere glazier for all your glass needs.
Don't settle when it comes to glass installation, repair, or replacement for your Vancouver home or business. You should demand the best products, service and workmanship - you should demand Wesco Glass!
Wesco Glass provides glazing products and services for all of the following and more:
  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Store fronts
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hotels
Surrey Glass Repair and Replacement for Homeowners Who Expect the Best
The fact that Surrey is such an expansive city and has been BC's fastest growing community for many years now means dense neighborhoods full of single-family dwellings. Homeowners will be aware that glass has both aesthetic and functional value for their home, and if those homeowners also operate a business then commercial window repair may be important in the same way.
You simply can't beat Wesco Glass for Surrey glass repair. Their aim is always to complete every job on time with first-rate work and service and a focus on your 100% satisfaction with your new or repaired glass. They get it - they're homeowners, and they also know the importance of commercial glass service for business storefronts.
Ensuring that residential glass repair works with the home’s temperature regulation systems is quite common these days, and thermal windows are very much a part of what Wesco does as glass specialists. We are able to meet with homeowners to discuss whether Surrey window glass replacement is the better option based on your home and individual needs.
Residential window glass repair is also usually a job that needs to be completed as soon as possible, and that is especially true when windows or glass facing the exterior of the home significantly damaged. Wesco is a residential glass service provider that makes it a priority to be onsite and serving customers at their home as soon as its possible, with residential glass repair provided with the speediness of service customers would like.
Need glass for your patio doors? They’re able to do that for you too and glass patio doors are also part of what makes them the best choice as a Surrey residential glass supplier. Contact the office at your earliest convenience and the friendly and accommodating staff will be able to discuss your job with you. We can get you started down the path of evaluating what you have to choose from with products before moving forward with residential glass installation.
And speaking of products and homes, glass doesn’t always mean residential window installation– with homes it can also include glass shower and tub enclosures and skylights to name just two of the many different types of glass that can be fixtures in a home.
Interested? Call us and we’ll quickly start to get an understanding of your needs.
Surrey Residential and Commercial Glass Repair and Replacement for Business + Window Installation
Much like any thriving community, Surrey is home to a wide variety of storefronts and other places of business. Every one of them will feature glass products as integral components of the structure, and the majority of owners will understand the value of having quality glass installed by experienced professionals when it comes to commercial glass replacement.
Fortunately, there are a number of commercial glass repair and replacement professionals who can quickly and thoroughly restore the building with the right piece of glass. Wesco Glass are among the best commercial glass suppliers, and they've quickly made a name for themselves as one of the better glaziers for Surrey glass repair. This includes commercial window repair for businesses. Broken storefront window when you arrive in the morning? Wesco Glass can often be on site before noon, and if their experts determine that a piece of glass cannot be saved then they are able to get a replacement piece on site and ready for installation as soon as possible. We also understand that business storefronts have risk factors that residential homes don’t, and if you need emergency commercial glass service then Wesco will be able to accommodate that too.
Like It Never Happened – Quality Surrey Window Repair, Replacement And Installation In A Flash
As mentioned, windows can be damaged or broken through no fault of your own. When they do, it is better to just accept the loss and quickly decide to have them restored on replaced entirely with a new window. You need to make a call, but which provider is going to take care of you? There are many good ones serving the Lower Mainland.
Ones needing business or residential window repair may be identified by any number of the following:
  • Frozen or impeded lower or upper sashes
  • Rotten or split muntins between the panes of glass
  • Missing or rotting drips (exterior shields)
  • Trim that is loose, cracked, rotting or missing entirely
  • Putty that is failing to soundly connect muntins to the panes of glass
  • Windows that have been seen to leak water or moisture through them
The last one on the list there is where modern climate control windows that retain interior heat / cool and more effectively reject air from the exterior are going to be a popular choice. Especially for people who want to make smart upgrades to their home with residential glass installation. Full removal of fames and the individual panes of glass is straightforward process and Wesco glass technicians can often complete the job the same day.
Anyone who needs a glazier are encouraged to do their own checking into a provider, and many will start by looking into a glazier’s standing with the local Better Business Bureau. Wesco glass has a long-standing high rating with the Surrey BBB and full customer satisfaction is always a full priority when it comes to commercial glass installation.
We are this type of commercial glass supplier and we encourage businesses to give us the opportunity to show why we have the reputation we do in Surrey.
Established and Reputable Glazier in Surrey Providing Quality Work
Glass really is one building component that is an exact mix of aesthetics and functionality, and while that is more true for residential than commercial it can be a stylistic as much as a utilitarian choice for either type of location. The one thing that will never change is all types of glass are going to be fragile, and many times there’s not much the owner can do to prevent damage from occurring.
It’s not likely that it is going to happen often, but it’s also unlikely that you’ll never have to deal with broken or damaged glass. Obviously that’s not going to be a DIY job unless you’re a professional yourself. We’ll assume that’s not the case and suggest you go with proven glazing pros working in Surrey and nearby areas.
We are also happy to share our expertise and familiarity with glass products with customers. You can inquire about the finest practices for maintaining glass as well as why it often makes sense to spend more on certain products and installations up front. It may mean enjoying better long-term value with the way certain products have price tags that reflect their superior craftsmanship, quality, and lasting durability.
Glass is like that in the same way it is for other home and business component products, and it’s something that some homeowners may not be aware of. Especially nowadays with the way windows play a greater temperature regulation than they did previously. Good glass that’s installed right goes a long way.
When it comes to Surrey glass replacement and commercial glass service, you need to choose Wesco Glass. Their expertise Before you know it everything will be 'back to normal' and you'll be yet another very satisfied customer. Surrey is one of the fastest growing satellite cities around Vancouver, and it’s estimated that eventually Surrey’s population will be greater than Metro Vancouver.
This means even more homes and businesses that will need quality trades work, and for glass services you’ll be in better hands with Wesco Glass experience. We think of our ourselves as being among the top glaziers in Greater Vancouver and we also believe in supporting local businesses and tradespeople with our preferred partners. Call us to provide you with a free quote.