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Wesco Glass is the Greater Vancouver area's premiere glazier for all your glass needs.
Don't settle when it comes to glass installation, repair, or replacement for your Vancouver home or business. You should demand the best products, service and workmanship - you should demand Wesco Glass!
Wesco Glass provides glazing products and services for all of the following and more:
  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Store fronts
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hotels
Port Moody Residential Glass Repair and Replacement For Wise Homeowners
Most Port Moody homes feature numerous glass installations. Every homeowner will make caring for their home a priority, but insisting on the best service providers is a trait all the smart ones will share. They're clear on their home being a major investment, and will know too that windows also play a pivotal role in temperature regulation inside the home.
For residential glass repair and replacement in Port Moody, discerning homeowners look for a provider like Wesco Glass. With expertise that is second to none and service and workmanship that is just as superior, they've cemented their business in the community.
Port Moody Commercial Glass Repair and Replacement With Expert Work
Port Moody has wonderful rural charms for a satellite city that is so close to Vancouver. It's very residential, but with business after business lined up along St. John's. All of them will see quality glass products as an absolute must. Windows, skylights, and other glass fixtures are always important building components, and they must be both attractive and functional.
There's going to be few to no property owners who'll be willing to put off dealing with broken glass. A commercial glass repair and replacement provider like Wesco Glass will need to be on site at the first available opportunity, and they're well qualified for any job.
Port Moody Window Repair and Replacement When You Need It
You might have been able to prevent that window being broken, or maybe it would've met its end no matter what you would have done. Rather than cry over spilt milk, it's always best to deal with it quickly and judiciously.
Windows needing repair services may show any of these symptoms:
  • Stuck or difficult to move upper or lower sashes of the window
  • The strips separating the panes of glass - 'muntins' - that are split or rotten
  • Missing or rotting exterior shields, which are commonly called 'drips'
  • Damaged, loose, or missing trim
  • Brittle or missing putty connecting muntins to glass panes
  • Leaky windows, even if the leak is seen to be insignificant
What makes Wesco Glass your best choice for Port Moody glass services ? It's their people, products, and commitment to excellence within their industry. Their window repair and replacement services are superb, and they believe strongly that you should be 100% satisfied with your new or repaired glass.