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Wesco Glass is the Greater Vancouver area's premiere glazier for all your glass needs.
Don't settle when it comes to glass installation, repair, or replacement for your Vancouver home or business. You should demand the best products, service and workmanship - you should demand Wesco Glass!
Wesco Glass provides glazing products and services for all of the following and more:
  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Store fronts
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hotels
Coquitlam Residential Glass Repair and Replacement For Dedicated Homeowners
A great many Coquitlam homes have numerous glass fixtures installed in them. Every homeowner is going to care for their home, but it's the smart ones who insist on the best service providers when maintaining it. They understand that windows are for looks, but they also play a pivotal role in temperature regulation inside the dwelling.
For residential glass repair and replacement in Coquitlam, again it's Wesco Glass that stands at the forefront for discerning homeowners. Their expertise is second to none, and with the way they pair service and workmanship with very competitive rates it's easy to see how they've made a name for themselves.
Coquitlam Commercial Glass Repair and Replacement For Any Storefront
Coquitlam's expansive community features many different places of business. Some big, some small and some in between, but each and every one of them will put a premium on quality glass products for their structure. Windows, skylights, and other glass fixtures are always important building components.
Should damage to your glass occur, seeing to it that the problem is remedied quickly is usually a pressing matter. You'll want a commercial glass repair and replacement provider on site as soon as possible, and it's the reputable ones like Wesco Glass that tend to get the call first.
Making It Right, Quickly And Completely - Coquitlam Window Repair and Replacement
Sometimes that broken window in your home or place of business was avoidable, whereas other times it's met an untimely demise through no fault of yours. The fact is it's now either broken or cracked beyond repair and you likely want it dealt with ASAP. Once again, you need a professional's expertise.
Common symptoms of windows needing repair services include:
  • Immobile upper or lower sashes of the window
  • Muntins – the strips separating the panes of glass - that are rotten or split
  • Missing or rotting exterior shields, also known as 'drips'
  • Trim that is loose, cracked, rotting or missing
  • Missing or brittle putty connecting muntins to glass panes
  • Windows that are clearly leaking
Wesco Glass has the people, the products, and the commitment to excellence that makes them your best choice for Coquitlam glass services. Count on them for window repair and replacement services that are first-rate in every regard, from start to finish.